DPE Lowdown - How Netflix does Developer Productivity Engineering with Danny Thomas

You can’t improve developer productivity and the developer experience without collecting and analyzing data from developer behavior and your software production process. You also need the right tools to make sense of all this data to prioritize improvement opportunities and take action.

In this Developer Productivity Engineering Meetup we will talk to Danny Thomas from the Netflix Productivity Engineering team. We’ll explore the people, processes, and tools that Netflix put in place to improve the productivity of their engineers with the ultimate goal of shipping higher quality content to subscribers faster.

Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE) is a new software development practice that uses acceleration technologies to speed up the software build and test process and data analytics to optimize the impact of acceleration technologies and make troubleshooting more efficient.

Danny Thomas is a member of the Netflix Developer Productivity team who focuses on build and dependency management. He is a 20-year software industry veteran with a background in systems, network, and performance engineering.

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